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Write your first SQL queries with a free card deck.

SQL Cards is a set of cards that help you to learn — or teach — the SQL language used to query relational databases.
This is free under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

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How to use this ? I want more !

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How to use this ?

These cards can be used in different ways.

  • In your company, if your colleagues wants to learn how to write SQL queries to extract data from your database. You can give them a schema of the database and help them write the names of the tables and columns on the cards so they can write their first SQL queries.
  • In a classroom, where you can divide the learners in group of 4 people. Each group of learners is given a deck and must write some SQL queries with the cards, based on questions you may ask.
  • .. Or just for you if your are learning SQL or writing queries occasionnally. It will help you understand the grammar of the language and distinguish the tables, columns and filter conditions.

Here a demo in action

I want more !

Can I order a printed version ?

.. Soon ! This is the first version of the deck. I'm waiting for feedbacks in order to make a better and final version of the deck. Then, you will be able to order it as a printed version.

You forgot the "Group By" card

Advanced operations such as GroupBy, SUM(), subqueries etc. will be available in the next version. I prefered to start with a simple version and have feedbacks quickly.

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